How to Tell if You Need New Brake Pads & When to Replace in West Palm Beach, FL

There are lots of things that you know you need to replace and have repaired on your car or truck. Over time the vehicle will start to have trouble and there are parts that are not meant to last forever. What you want to do is to make sure that you know what needs replaced and when it needs to be done. Your vehicle is something that you rely on and use to get through a day. When you are all of a sudden out of a car to use it can be a strain on your whole family. The best thing you can do is to learn more about your car and the signs that you can recognize. When it comes to the brakes on your car you want to make sure that you know when they need to be replaced. The brakes on your car need to be in good condition to keep you safe when you are operating your vehicle. A-1 Automotive Repair outlines when you need to have your brake pads replaced on your car or truck.

Brakes Squeaking when Driving

One of the signs that you will start to notice first is that the brakes are making a squeaking sound when you are using them. This is not something that you should be hearing on a regular basis and on a consistent level. Sometimes your brakes will make this same sound when the weather is adverse. It usually will occur when there is rain and your brakes happen to be wet. If you notice that they are making the sound throughout the time no matter the type of weather it means you have a problem. The brakes are something that you don’t want to allow to become too worn out. If you think that the brakes are wearing low you want to make sure that they are replaced right away.

Brake Light on Dashboard On

It seems that there is a new modern way to do just about anything. If there is a problem with the oil in your car a light will come on your dash. The same happens when the gas is low, air is low in your tires and now when the brakes need to be changed out. The brakes can wear out and if you see an indicator light on your dash light up it is a good idea to have them replaced. The longer you let them wear out the harder it can be to stop the care safely. The brakes can be replaced and the light reset until it is needed again.

Grinding Noise when Braking

Another sound that you may start to hear is grinding that usually is metal that is touching other metal. Many of the parts are made of metal and when the padding can be worn so far that it will grind. The grinding sound means that you may have stopped paying attention to other signs as well. You want to be sure that you have them replaced right away if there is any grinding sounds.

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