At A1 Automotive Services we are proud to provide full automobile repair services for our customers in West Palm Beach, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Professional Brake Service and Repairs in West Palm Beach, Florida

Your vehicles brakes are one of utmost importance when it comes to the safety and security of you and your family. Do you know if your brake system is running safely? The expert automotive mechanics and technicians at A1 Automotive Services believe that the reliability and safety of your brake system is a very serious matter. At A1 Automotive Services we only use parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications. If you are looking for brake repair, brake service, or brake inspection and diagnosis, we take the time to ensure we do the job right the first time so you can rest easy that your vehicle has brakes that are dependable.

A1 Automotive brake and repair services include:

• Testing and inspection
• ABS system testing, service or repair
• Complete disc brake service
• Complete drum brake service
• Wheel cylinder and caliper replacement
• Master cylinder
• Parking brake service
• Drum brakes
• Brake rotors and drums
• Machining
• Power boosters
• Brake fluid flush and service

A1 Automotive Premium Oil Change Service

Your regular scheduled oil change is the first line of defense against any issues that could potentially cause a breakdown. At A1 Automotive Service we believe that an oil change is just part of a regular checkup for your car that includes system inspections such as brakes, chassis and suspension, belts and hoses, air filter, fluids including brake, battery, power steering, window washer and transmission fluid. Our qualified technicians will also check your wiper blades and tire pressure and make the needed adjustments.

Premium A1 Automotive Oil change Service:

• Replace oil
• Check brakes
• Replace oil filter
• Check & fill coolant
• Lube chassis
• Check belts
• Check air filter
• Check hoses
• Check & fill brake fluid
• Check & fill battery fluid
• Check & fill power steering fluid
• Check & fill tire pressure
• Check & fill window washer fluid
• Check & fill transmission fluid
• Check wiper blades
• Check suspension

A1 Automotive Professional Auto Tune Ups

Tune ups are an integral part of keeping your vehicle functioning effectively. Regular tune-ups will ensure that the electric and fuel systems are maintained which will extend the life of your engine and help your vehicle achieve top performance. Regular tune ups will also keep your engine and fuel system clean; saving you dollars by helping you achieve better gas mileage. The experts service technicians and mechanics at A1 Automotive Repair recommend tune ups at every 35,000 to 65,000 miles or every two years depending on driving conditions.

Timing Belt Service

The cost to repair the damage caused by a timing belt failure can be very expensive. At A1 Automotive Service, we recommend replacing your timing belt at 50,000 to 70,000 thousand miles and some models at 105,000 mile intervals. The timing belt is the brain of the motor and keeps the mechanical components of your engine synchronized. Since timing belts can fail without warning, the results can be catastrophic. Causes of timing belt failure include too much oil in the engine, stripped gear teeth and breakdown of belt fiber. Protect your vehicle by changing your timing belt at the recommended intervals. The qualified service technicians and mechanics at A1 Automotive Repair will ensure that your new timing belt is properly installed and synchronized to perfection.

Professional Steering & Suspension System Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

The suspension system in your vehicle is responsible for the safe handling and braking on your vehicle as well as providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Your vehicles suspensio is a complex system that requires expert service. If the system is out of alignment it can decrease the life of your tires and cause expensive and unnecessary repairs for your suspension and steering systems. At A1 Automotive Repair our skill service technicians use the latest equipment that is technologically advanced to service and repair your suspension and steering system.

A1 Automotive Suspension & Repair Services include:

• Diagnostics
• Shocks & struts
• Ball joints
• Leaf springs
• Coil springs
• King pins
• Control arms
• Driving axles
• Air ride systems
• Steering racks
• Suspension bushing replacements
• Pitman arm

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